Quality Initiative


The Institution's IQAC has the opportunity to receive input from a variety of stakeholders and make modifications to the entire process in order to attain academic excellence. Throughout the school year, it organizes regular meetings with stakeholders. The first meeting takes place at the start of the academic session and aims to carry out the session's institutional action plan. This action plan was devised during the previous session's final meeting. The IQAC's second meeting takes place in the middle of the session and is used to assess how far the action plan has been implemented. The third meeting is held at the end of the session to discuss the action plan's successful implementation and to sketch out a tentative action plan for the following session. It meets as and when it is required to deal with the institution's quality initiative.

The IQAC is charged with guaranteeing complete quality management by bringing innovations and necessary modifications in order to attain excellence, devising and implementing effective strategies for their execution, and monitoring institutional quality issues.

Quality Initiatives Undertaken :

  • Strategic Planning and Academic Calendar for Effective Curriculum Delivery
  • Special focus on Experiential/Participative Learning
  • Special Programmes for Advanced and Slow Learners
  • ICT based Teaching Learning and Evaluation
  • Mentor-Mentee Programme
  • Internal Assessment Mechanism
  • Grievance Redressal Mechanism
  • Evaluation of Attainment of POs & Cos
  • Focus on Students’ Satisfaction & Regular Feedback
  • Promotion of Research and Publications
  • Platforms for Extension/Outreach activities
  • WI-FI Facility with more than 200 mbps Internet Speed
  • Library Automation & Enrichment of its Resources
  • State-of –the-art Physical & Academic infrastructure
  • Enrichment of IT infrastructure
  • Renovation & Modification of the Laboratories
  • Excellent Support Facilities
  • Capability Enhancement Initiatives
  • Training & Placement Cell
  • Games & Sports Activities
  • Students’ Representation in Administration
  • Active Alumni Association
  • Adoption of e- governance in operation
  • Welfare Measures for the Staff
  • Organization of Seminars/Conferences/Workshops
  • Internal and External Financial/Academic Auditing
  • Environment and Green/Energy Audit
  • ISO/AISHE Certifications
  • Environmental Consciousness & Sustainability through ECO Club 
  • Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Framed the Code of Conduct
  • Celebrations of National Events/Days/Festivals
  • Documentation of Institutional working