MSc Chemistry

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Master of Science in Chemistry


This course aims to pass on, knowledge of:

• Basic concepts of bonding, structures, resonance, aromaticity, hyperconjugation and tautomerism in organic molecules. Generation, structure, stability and reactivity of reactive intermediates.

A person who is a Master of Science in Chemistry acquires professional as well as scientific level competency. It offers scientific and professional entry-level competency along with advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in the specialized fields. Students do their masters in the particular subject that they have studied during their graduation course. 


This degree course gives a solid foundation for those who want to pursue higher studies and enroll in programs like M.Phil. or Ph.D. It is a way by which to acquire jobs in areas like Food and Beverages Industry, Medical Organisations, Utility, and Energy Research and Health Organizations.


B.Sc. with Chemistry as a subject.