Department of Science


At Sai College each science department has well equipped , state of the art labs for performing all the practicals as per the university curriculum. Audio Visual Aids including models are used by teachers in science subjects, which enriches the teaching learning process and helps in better understanding of the concepts by the students.

Practical teachings kits are provided to students for performing various experiments and college makes sure that all the practicals in each subject are performed during the session.

A well equipped Plant tissue culture lab is also available in the college, in which tissue culture practicals on various plant species are performed successfully..

Courses Offered

S.No. Courses offered in the Departments Year of Establishment
1. BSc Microbiology((Microbiology, Chemistry, Zoology/Botany)) 2005
2. BSc Biology (Chemistry, Zoology, Botany) 2005
3. BSc Biotechnology (Biotechnology, Chemistry, Zoology/Botany) 2006
4. BSc Maths (Chemistry, Physics, Maths)) 2008
5. BSc Computer Sc(Computer Sc, Physics, Maths) 2008
5. MSc Biotechnology 2009